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Title Author Published Added Material Type
Reflections on my work with Frank Pierce Jones in light of my other experiences with the Alexander Technique [Joe Armstrong] Armstrong, Joe 2016 3 years 12 months ago Article, essay, etc
The Science of Non-action [symposium review by Malcolm Williamson] Williamson, Malcolm 2016 3 years 12 months ago Report, review or record of event
Graviception Batson, Glenna 2004, 2015 4 years 6 months ago Article, essay, etc
Neuroplasticity 101 Batson, Glenna 2009, 2015 4 years 7 months ago Review article
The eyes and the primary control Ballard, Kathleen J. 1999, 2015 4 years 8 months ago
Manner and Conditions of Use Armstrong, Joe 2003, 2015 5 years 6 days ago
Research Milestone! Dennis, Ron 1992, 2014 5 years 3 weeks ago Archive collection
The man who mistook his brain for his Self... Batson, Glenna 2005, 2015 5 years 3 weeks ago