Contributor Master Agreements - Plain English Guide



This is a "Plain English" Guide to the Contributor Master Agreements that govern how ASO publishes author Contributions. To download the Guide see the link near foot of page under Download File.

There are separate Master Agreements for:

  1. restricted publication (meaning publication for peer commentary and only accessible to Authorised Contributors)
  2. unrestricted publication (meaning publication accessible in principle to anyone as in a typical academic journal)
  3. unrestricted republication (as for unrestricted publication but restricted to material that has previously been published elsewhere)

These are all currently "working drafts" under continous improvement.

If you have signed an Agreement for unrestricted publication(no. 2) you don't need to sign a separate agreement for materials that are being re-published (no. 3).

The Master Agreements can be found in the ASO Library here:

  1. Contributor Master Agreement for Restricted Publication
  2. Contributor Master Agreement for Unrestricted Publication
  3. Contributor Master Agreement for Republication


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Revision History

1st draft: 30th October 2014

Version 2 published 30th December 2014

Version 3 published 1st January 2015:

Changed Grace period to Embargo period; minor word changes

Version 4 published 18th January 2015:

Mentions separate agreement for republication only

Version 5 published 19th January 2015:

Added more backlinks to website pages.

Version 6 not published:

More minor wording changes. Expanded the final section with further steps.

Version 7 not published:

Refined the Step-by-step guide.  Added STAT company details; removed “Working Draft” watermark.

Version 8 published 10th February 2015

Changed the Step-by-step guide based on experience to date. Added section about translations. Added copyright and licence information.

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