Contributor Master Agreement for Unrestricted Publication



This is a working draft of the Master Agreement between STAT (on behalf of ASO) and authors governing "unrestricted publication" of contributions.  Unrestricted publication is the equivalent of "normal" publication via an academic journal or similar.

Refer to the Plain English Guide to the Contributor Master Agreements if you'd like further background on this and other Master Agreements.


Copyright David Gibbens © 2015


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Document History

1st published version 29th December  2014

2nd version 1st January 2015

Changed Grace Period to Embargo period.

3rd version 6th January 2015

Simplified wording in places. Introduced concept of Initial Channel and associated restrictions on ASO. Added section on Data Protection.

4th version 18th January 2015

Further simplified wording. Introduced provision to allow us to deposit a copy of the Contribution in a funder’s specified repository.Replaced legal numbering with simpler version.  

5th version 18th January 2015

Modified the definition of ASO Website.

6th version 10th February 2015

Refined the provisions relating to translations. Requires Contributors to let new owner know about the Agreement if they pass on the copyright.  Redefined the Commencement of Agreement. Added Supplementary Material including copyright notice and licence.


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