Netiquette for the ASO website


ASO aims to encourage active participation by authorised contributors. Such participation most commonly takes the form of posts in the discussion forums or via comments attached to articles and other material published on the website. The following netiquette requirements apply to all such materials. They aim to make active participation as fruitful as possible for all concerned. We may remove Authorised Contributor credentials from people who don't meet the requirements.


ASO sets high standards for our Authorised Contributors. Posts should be

  • substantive in nature
  • carefully thought through
  • expressed with clarity
  • conducive to constructive debate.

Postings should also conform with the full Standards for Authors to the extent that these are applicable.

To be avoided...

Specifically, the following should be avoided

  • posts lacking substantive content, eg, posts that do no more than express thanks to another poster, indicate approval or disapproval of a particular viewpoint etc etc
  • the use of capitals for emphasis ("shouting")
  • personal abuse, sarcasm and the like: anything seeming to belittle other contributors
  • repetition of points already made
  • emoticons
  • breaches of copyright
  • changing the subject